Our beliefs

As consultants specialised in developing people’s potential, our mission is to let each person’s full expression surface up beyond what one thinks he or she can manifest. From there our mantra: You beyond You. What sets us apart is our method: we apply a science that has been tried and tested for millennia, the Kundalini Yoga (KY), which considers the individual a unique and complete entity made of body, mind and spirit. Therefore the technique to free that perfect self hidden in us cannot ignore these levels, and must act on each one of them.

That is why Aequanime provide a triple combination of solutions targeted at having a balanced life, the key for a perfect interaction between body, mind and spirit. The number three here doesn’t just represent a number, it’s rather a “triangulation” of interconnected methods working on the respective human levels. Know-how: attitudes, approaches. Technique: exercises, breathing, meditation, diet. Formulae: nutritional supplements of natural functional food.

Il lead trainer Sadhana Singh introduce alla pratica del Kundalini Yoga. Attitudini, esercizi meditativi, alimentazione appropriata.

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The other great teaching of such a holistic discipline as the KY, is that by treating the individual, the guideline is always going to be ethics. The solutions (GUR in Hindi) provided by a mentor (GURU) are ethical by definition. Our method is not about manipulating or reprogramming, it’s about letting the suffocated talent surface up, the behavioural block dissolve, the underestimated discomfort gently cured.

There’s a word in the yogic tradition, Samdarsi, which equals to the latin Aequanimus, from aequs, meaning correct, balanced, and animus, spirit, but also conscience, feeling, courage. From there comes our AEQUANIME logo: the real self is finally free in its uniqueness and completeness, in a perfect balance, no matter the circumstances. In harmony with the world.

In the Aequanime treatments, the main focus is always on the individual and his or her expressive ability, guided on a long journey of support and self-healing, experimented through millennia of yoga wisdom, all done in the uttermost respect of the individual personality and the universal ethical principles. The necessary vitality to successfully live in relation with ourselves, the others and the environment in health and happiness is thus awakened.

– Yogi Bhajan –