About Us

About Us

Aequanime is an integral part of Anter Vidya, an organization that promotes the Science of Essence. It is a journey for the human being into realization of the complete cosmos within. When the flow of the essence supports the flow of the, the relationship with the Universe is experienced as a common vibratory frequency. At his leads to immediate improvement of human potential and inter- personal relationships in the life of individuals as well as working in groups. In any area: private, public, institutional, corporate. Sto that goal Aequanime offers a time tested yoga program combi- ning formulas and exercises for body-mind balance and self-fulfillment.

Our journey based on the Science of Essence is tailored to encourage the expression of spirit in all aspects of life on a path to reach personal and professional excellence.

Aequanime combines carefully selected exercises, mediation and yogic lifestyle practices that are within easy reach to any person; we diligently train our consultants on the subject by providing con- sulting sessions to individuals and companies.

Aequanime Founders

Sadhana Singh

Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer

Italian, trained in the field of motor sciences, former athlete and instructor in sports disciplines, met Yogi Bhajan, the Master who introduced him to Kundalini Yoga (KY). Later Sadhana Singh dedica- ted his life to the practice, study and diffusion of KY, the "yoga of awareness". Author of many books on expansion and deepening, today he is Lead Trainer of Kundalini Yoga for Teacher Trai- ning I + II + III level and creator of educational projects for specialization courses, counseling and leadership and management courses for business executives. In recent years he has taught Master's degrees at public and private universities, as well as the Masters of Leadership and Success at the Waldzell Leadership Institute.

Medical Advisory Board

Ram Rattan

Medical Surgeon
Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer

Italian, graduated in medicine and specialized in reconstructive surgery, after a long period of work at hospital he dedicated himself to Kundalini Yoga, a discipline that he considers a powerful tool to support good medical practice. Years of in-depth study in direct contact with Master YogiBhajan led him to leave the profession to devote himself to teaching KY as a trainer of instructors and as a Yoga therapist; he actively travels in Europe to hold training courses for teachers and workshops on Yoga and Health. He is the author of several popular works, including the DVD "The incredible healing power of the brain" to extend KY's learning to the multimedia experience.

Project Development Manager

Ardas K

project development manager

Cristina Furioli (Ardas Kaur) trained in the field of Kundalini Yoga, now Teacher Trainer, and specialized in "Yoga Counseling" and "Yoga and Health", is a teacher of Shakti Dance (Yoga of Dance), Naturopath and Florotherapist. She deepened her knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine through training sessions dedicated to Naturopaths, organized by Maharishi Ayurveda. She collaborates with Aequanime as Country Manager, and has dealt with training courses for companies proposing programs that use a totally unique, immediate and concrete system through the Science of Mind and Humanology in Leadership and Success. She began practicing Yoga at the end of the 90s, during his twenty years of work experience in organizing corporate events, as Head of the Congress Division of a company in the sector, integrating his path with the study of Holistic Medicine and achieving the diploma of Naturopath in 2008, at the Higher Institute of Holistic Medicine (AICTO) of Anguillara Sabazia - Rome, with the thesis "Synergies of Therapeutic Methods in the Holistic Vision of the Human Being". Today she dedicates her life to teaching, consulting, and spreading the Aequanime Wellbeing Educational Project

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