About Us

About Us

Aequanime is part of Waldzell, an education and consulting Swiss society that treat topics of mainstream strategic interest such as the improvement of the human potential and interpersonal relations in individuals life within work groups. Those are applied to every field: personal, public, institutional, are corporate. Aequanime particularly develop a yoga program offering formulae and exercises addressed to the body-mind balance as well as to self-realisation.

Our identity is based on Humanology, a science inspired by the principles of Kundalini Yoga applied to the research of personal and professional excellence. Discover your true self, the indispensable key to success.

Waldzell start in 2004 with an interdisciplinary cultural approach which immediately attracts to people from the fields of arts, spirituality and science, including some Nobel Prizes: among the relevant names, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, writers like Paulo Coelho and Isabel Allende, architect Frank Gehry, land artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Waldzell has being focusing on three activity areas since 2013. Aequanime, Kundalini Yoga that is practical and available to everybody. The Yoga School to train consultants, trainers and teachers about the subject, providing, when needed, consulting sessions both to private and companies. The Leadership and Success Institute, including the Psychology of Excellence for Leaders training, courses to optimise one’s psychophysical energies, seminars for motivational acquisition and updates on methodologies to overcome any challenge in any field, in life as well as in business.

Aequanime Founders

Sadhana Singh

Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer

He is Italian and he studied Sports Sciences, he was already an athlete and a trainer when he met Yogi Bhajan, the Master who introduced him to Kundalini Yoga (K.Y.). From that moment on Sadhana Singh dedicated his life to the practice, study and spreading of KY, “the yoga of consciousness”. Author of various books of dissemination and in-depth studies, today he is a Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer for I, II and III level of Teacher Training, as well as being the designer of educational and specialisation projects, he also does consulting activities and holds the Leadership and Management course for company managers. In the last few years he has lectured in public and private Universities Masters, in addition to teaching at the Leadership and Success Master at the Waldzell Leadership Institute.

Gundula Puran
Sukh Avenali

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

She is Austrian and she studied Nutritional Engineering and Biotechnology; after receiving the Engineering Diploma from University she dedicated to the profession, and then to political administration until 2003, when she funded the Waldzell Institute, leading her to meet Masters of thinking and eminent spiritual personalities like the HH Dalai Lama. She has been managing the Veda Yoga School in Switzerland since 2013, and the year after it she establishes the Waldzel Leadership Institute with her husband Sadhana Singh Avenali, where she teaches Kundalini Yoga according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, an Integral Yoga according to the Swami Sivananda tradition; she is also a yoga therapist, having been formed in Kundalini Medicine by Guru Dharam Khalsa. Hers is the pro bono initiative “Architects of the Future”, which supports young entrepreneurs worldwide who are socially active and respectful of the environment.

Medical Advisory Board

Ram Rattan

Medical Surgeon
Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer

He is Italian, he holds a degree in Medicine and specialised in reconstructive surgery; after a long time of hospital activity he dedicates himself to Kundalini Yoga, a discipline he sees like a powerful tool of support to the normal medical practice. Years of in-depth study with the Master Yogi Bhajan lead him to leave the profession in order to dedicate to teaching KY as a trainer of trainers and Yoga therapist; he constantly travels throughout Europe to train teachers as well as to hold Yoga and Health courses. He is the author of various informative works, among which the DVD “The incredible curative power of the brain”, to extend the learning experience of KY to multimedia experiences.

Victory Craxi

Ayurvedical Doctor

Italian born in India, mother tongue English, high school and degree in Medicine and Surgery obtained in India, specialized in Ayurvedic Medicine. He currently works in Italy and travels in various European countries where he is often called as an expert in Ayurvedic pharmacology, a subject on which he holds courses and seminars. In his curriculum, multi-year training courses for therapists, naturopathic counseling and Ayurvedic nutrition in institutes of holistic medicine, Yoga and Zen centers. He managed the Panchakarma Ayurvedic Center in Magenta (Milan): the panchakarma, a word that in Sanskrit means "five actions", is a special procedure of traditional medicine, formerly used only by princely families as a rejuvenation therapy, still employed to detoxify and purify the body from the various elements that block energy and health. Dott. Craxi is a profound connoisseur of Indian culture and in particular of the Vedas, the ancient sacred wisdom texts.

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