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As consultants specialized in the development of individual potential, our mission is to bring out the full expression of each person even beyond what the person thinks he or she can manifest. Hence our mantra: “You beyond you” understood as our ability to realize our deepest intention. What di- stinguishes us is the method: we apply a science tested for millennia, “The Science of Essence”: this discipline has a quantum approach to human psychological intelligence, able to evoke substantial improvements in perception, projection and manifestation within oneself, with others and with the environment, whilst staying grounded and in touch with reality.

or this reason Aequanime provides a triple combination of responses aimed at a balanced life, as a key to upholding effective interaction between body, mind and spirit.
This interaction allows the human being to enter into a space of neutrality
to be able to manifest their own intuition and achieve success and prosperity.
Nutrition, Yoga and right attitude are the three pillars on which Aequanime is founded
providing the know-how, techniques and formulas in order to:

“Expressing the best of oneself, realizing one’s own intent”.

Lead trainer Sadhana Singh explains Aequanime’s thinking.

Attitudes, meditative exercises, appropriate nutrition.

Il lead trainer Sadhana Singh introduce alla pratica del Kundalini Yoga. Attitudini, esercizi meditativi, alimentazione appropriata.

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The other great principle on which AEQUANIME bases its approach is to consider the human being as a holistic system. The solutions (GUR in Indian language) provided by the mentor (GURU) are ethical by definition. Our method is not to manipulate or reprogram, but to let the entangled talent flourish, the character block – dissolve, the underestimated discomfort – find its sweet cure.

In the yogic tradition there is a word, Samdarsi, which corresponds to the Latin Aequanimus, from aequus – right, balanced, and animus- spirit yet also consciousness, feeling, courage. Hence our logo AEQUANIME: the true self finally free in its uniqueness andwholeness, in perfect balance re- gardless of circumstances. In harmony with the world.
In the Aequanime treatment journeys, the protagonist is always the person in his expressive capaci- ty. Who is accompanied along a path of support and self-care experienced over millennia of yogic wisdom, with full respect for the individual personality and universal ethical principles. Restoring the vitality necessary to live successfully and happily in relationship with oneself, with others and with the environment.

In the Aequanime treatments, the main focus is always on the individual and his or her expressive ability, guided on a long journey of support and self-healing, experimented through millennia of yoga wisdom, all done in the uttermost respect of the individual personality and the universal ethical principles. The necessary vitality to successfully live in relation with ourselves, the others and the environment in health and happiness is thus awakened.

– Y. B. –