Golden Milk

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1 jar contains 28 doses.
1 dose per day is recommended.
Its golden colour is especially due to the precious qualities of the original Indian recipe, making it a health panacea. It’s a source of energy for full physical efficiency.

What is it

It is prepared with powerful natural ingredients. The uniqueness of the Aequanime Golden Milk is the formula borrowed by the authentic Indian recipe. Among the main ingredients: turmeric, see below in detail. Ghee, clarified butter rich in unsaturated fat and fenolic antioxidants - the strongest anti-age elements - used in Indian medicine to treat the skin, the reproductive system, the gastro-intestinal tract, for bone and cerebral efficiency, elasticity of nervous and connective tissues. Honey, with its proven efficacy against digestive and cold problems, it regulates the intestine and the excretory organs; it’s a great agent for overall rejuvenation.


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